Health Care

Clinic management in all specialties

Managing customer and service provider accounts

Extract all analyzes for all transactions

Account management of all kinds

For each patient through the reception staff, each patient’s file includes his own data and contact data with the possibility of making a file number in addition to the medical history Linking the patient’s file number to the contracting authorities and his insurance number Initially entering basic services through the reception staff with the possibility of adding or modifying other services through the doctor Date The medical center is for each patient and is updated in its own file. Search for the file of any patient through the name, phone number, or file number.

Entering the medical examination for each specialty The possibility of displaying the record of the patient’s history arranged by visits from the newest to the oldest, whether with the same doctor or other specialties within the center Follow-up the daily waiting list to know the patients present in the clinic The presence of examination screens dedicated to each department and medical specialty (examination screen for eyes, teeth, and women Obstetrics, psychological, neurological, physical therapy, etc.) The possibility of uploading all the patient’s attachments The possibility of entering the results of medical analyzes and linking them to each patient’s file The possibility of disbursing medical supplies.

All reservations made online from the interface of the site or internal reservations made in the clinic, hospital or medical center with the possibility of recording advance reservations, as well as the possibility of changing reservation dates or patient attendance times, the ability to view reservations for the day to follow up with patients to confirm reservations and attendance, extract analytical reports about How customers (patients) access reports on the number of reservations in each time period, for each doctor, in each branch, in each medical department or specialty, and at the level of each insurance company or reservation status (disclosure, consultation, return) The possibility of linking a certain number of visits to each patient in case Offers or as required by some specialties with frequent visits such as dentistry Organizing patient waiting for each doctor to know the number of attendees in the clinic currently arranged according to attendance and the status is updated automatically Possibility to finish all financial transactions of the patient.