Project management

Managing inventory materials in operations

Account management of all kinds

Managing contracts and extracts of clients and contractors

A program for the management of contracting companies Management of all financial transactions from accounts, purchases, stores and sales Management of all transactions related to construction operations from the plot of land - building materials - labor - and any additional expenses Management of all special transactions Subcontracting Make a basic measurement through which extracts are made Analysis of cost centers At the level of the unit that will be sold later, extract all the reports related to the contracting, such as: Abstracts through which the percentages of completion are known, the distribution of indirect costs such as administrative expenses at the level of projects, through which we can know the share of each unit of the expenses to extract the actual profit margin, the distribution of financing ratios Partners at the unit level Follow-up on the performance indicator of operations so that a comparison is made between the expected expenses of the project in terms of financial and actually paid Extraction of all analytical reports for all stages Users’ powers to follow up on the project schedule, recording and exchanging notes and attachments