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The real estate investment company management program works, each interconnected with other sub-systems, which cover all departments and points of the company on the same database and in the light of a valid validity system for each user according to the tasks assigned to it. The real estate investment accounts program integrates with the following systems:

 - General accounts system.

 - Warehouse management system.

 - Management control system.

Features of the real estate investment company management program

Management of sellers and brokers It is possible to create a complete directory for sellers and brokers and specify a virtual commission percentage for sales with the possibility of changing the commission when booking or selling. Octa Real Estate Software as the best accounting program for real estate investment companies is characterized by sound accounting guidelines based on standards, as the system automatically records an automatic daily entry to prove the commission of sellers and brokers when contracting, and it is also charged directly to the project and unit cost. Flexibility of the program in dealing with various methods of selling to the customer. 

The Octa real estate investment company management accounting program has flexibility, as it offers you many ways to sell to the customer, so you can sell in various payment methods and you can modify the plan during implementation

A complete description of the projects in the company The program provides the possibility of defining and describing the projects in an accurate and detailed manner for the projects, and the user can add the following detailed data.

 A- The main data of the project in the real estate investment program.

 B- Allowing the addition of images in the real estate investment program and Google maps.

 C- Ownership of projects in the real estate investment program Provides.

Screen to add all expenditure items on projects All project expenses can be added and linked to it to know the expenses incurred by the project as well as its sales revenue to know the profit or loss. Through the supplier invoice screen, all the expenses made on a specific project / unit can be entered.

A screen to distribute all costs to its own projects through which a specific project / unit can be charged with all the expenses incurred on it. When collecting the project’s revenues, the real estate investment program calculates the revenues and expenses of the project and finds out the profit / loss

Description of units Real estate investment accounting program The user can create units and add a detailed description of each unit

The possibility of printing unit data and payment methods after implementation The program allows you to print all unit data and its payment methods, whether in the case of Selling in cash or in installments, with displaying all the details of the installments, the paid and due payments, and so on. Linking units to payment terms automatically There is an interconnection between the program screens, as soon as you choose a specific unit, you will see all the payment plans related to the selected unit, and you can also detail a specific meter plan for the customer during the actual implementation

The possibility of importing all unit data from an Excel file

as the program is flexible and helps companies in the conversion processes from the manual work system to the electronic work system as quickly as possible.

 Through the “Import units from Excel file” screen, it is possible to add an infinite number of units with all their details

Payment Plans

It is possible to create more than one payment plan with amounts and link the unit to more than one payment plan, as well as modify the installment system agreed upon during the contract, with the possibility of setting payment plans at the general level as a guiding policy for sales officials, with the possibility of formulating the payment plan quickly based on the agreement with the customer.

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